Our Team

Meet the members of SKORE, all who have a passion for sports and introducing the many benefits of playing sports to underprivileged children.

Board of Directors

Bronson Starsiak
Co-Founder, President of SKORE
Bronson, a sophomore at Dartmouth College, is currently double majoring in Engineering and Business. He has been an avid athlete and played varsity lacrosse at Simsbury High School. Bronson believes that sports are not only great for physical fitness, but also promote emotional and mental fitness, as kids learn to work cooperatively for common goals. Skills and lessons learned on the field often serve students well later in life. His hope is that through SKORE, more kids will have the opportunity to experience the benefits that sports can offer.

Outside of SKORE, Bronson enjoys academic excellence and is on the Dean’s list at Dartmouth. He currently spends his free time on the Dartmouth Formula Racing team and skiing the beautiful mountains of New Hampshire and Vermont. He is a member of the Woodsman club and travels throughout New England competing with his team. He loves surfing, his dogs Lola and Otis, and traveling with his family.

Jack Donofrio
Jack, a sophomore at Notre Dame University, serves on the Board of Directors. He is a member of the Notre Dame Baseball team. Jack’s lifelong involvement in sports has impressed upon him the opportunities that sports provide. He believes that by offering kids the chance to play, SKORE can ultimately instill the value of being part of a team. By providing opportunities for kids to play sports, he hopes that SKORE will help kids the see the benefits of athletic and academic focus and commitment, and will help them make positive choices as they navigate their teen years.

He plays the guitar, piano and drums. Besides playing sports, he loves family vacations in Maine too.

Don Starsiak
Don, an electromechanical engineer and avid sports fan, serves on the Board of Directors. He was a baseball player in his youth and believes that sports are a fundamental part of a child’s life. He is excited to see SKORE bring the value of sports to kid’s lives. He loves attending his children’s sporting events and is usually the fan cheering the loudest!

Wanda Kirejczyk
Dr. Wanda Kirejczyk is a physician at the Hospital of Central Connecticut and the Vein Centers of Connecticut. She is proud to be a part of SKORE and feels that the organization not only serves to provide underprivileged kids with sports equipment but will help the environment, as gently used equipment will find new homes, rather than end up in a landfill. She loves the beach and cooking.

Lilliana Starsiak
Board of Directors
Lilliana is a recent graduate of The College of William and Mary with a degree in Kinesiology, the study of movement. Movement is a critical part of an athlete’s success and Lilliana is sure that her degree will translate into a field that can help athletes. She sees SKORE as a great opportunity to help kids get moving! She rowed crew and was a hurdler for her high school track team. She enjoys skiing, traveling and spending time with her family.

Team Leaders

Delia Hogan
Delia is a senior at Avon High School and has been an athlete for as long as she can remember. Delia participated in all types of team sports. In high school she plays on the Avon High School Field Hockey Team and the Girls Tennis Team. Delia spends the off-season enjoying skiing. She and Kerry Karlin, her co-leader for SKORE organize an annual tennis event to support the Connecticut Humane Society. Delia also volunteers for St. Ann’s Church. Athletics have been a big part of her life so she feels strongly about the mission of SKORE and the recycling of sporting equipment that would otherwise wind up in a landfill.

Kerry Karlin
Kerry, a senior at Avon High School, has played sports her whole life and is currently on the Avon High School field hockey and tennis teams. Kerry is interested in the SKORE program for both the opportunity it provides others as well as to help eliminate the tremendous waste associated with the disposition of used sports equipment. In addition to SKORE, Kerry fundraises for the Connecticut Humane Society through an annual tennis fundraiser. Her other interests include skiing, traveling and spending time with friends and family.

Cameron Luciano
Cameron is a senior at Amity High School. He is the captain of the football team and participates in track and field. He also enjoys fishing and playing the piano, guitar, and trombone. He is glad to be a part of the SKORE because he wants to enable less fortunate children with the opportunity to develop a love for sports.

Cameron is not only a team leader but also has worked very hard as District Leader, collecting equipment from the towns of Woodbridge, Orange, Bethany, Oxford, and Newtown.

Diego Noriega
Diego is a sophomore at the University of Pennsylvania, studying business. Since his dad, Tato Noriega, was a professional soccer player in Mexico, Diego understands the great benefits and opportunities that can come from sports. Because of this, he is proud to be a part of SKORE to help young kids find their love for sports.

Other Team Members

Thank you to Evan Bologa, Marc Ficaro, Ben Grossman, Vincent Gugliotti, Spencer Meace, Colby Morkan, Nick Pugmire and Ethan Windisch for being valued members of our SKORE family!