First Equipment Donation for Hartford Public Schools

Bronson Starsiak, Co-Founder and President of SKORE, recently appeared on Channel 3’s Eyewitness News program to spread the word about SKORE’s mission. SKORE collects gently used sports equipment and partners with underprivileged schools, churches and clubs to promote health, self-esteem and collaboration.

How Did SKORE Start?

Bronson and SKORE Co-Founder Jack Donofrio were having a discussion about all the unused sports equipment they had lying around, when the idea for SKORE formed. They decided to start a non-profit organization that would put this sports equipment to good use. In turn, underprivileged students are given the opportunity to play the sports that Bronson, Jack and their peers are so passionate about.

I’ve been very lucky to have incredible support from all my peers and friends.

Bronson and Jack started asking their friends to donate their unused equipment, then it evolved to local school collections. Right now, SKORE is partnered with Hartford Public Schools, so all the sports equipment that has been collected thus far will be donated to these students. Our first donation drop-off was given to Nicole Porter, the Operations Manager of Athletics at Hartford Public Schools.